Decorating Kids Birthday Cakes – The Basic Essentials

Decorating Kids Birthday Cakes – The Basic Basics

When I initially started baking and embellishing my kids birthday cakes, the range of decorating tools I might buy appeared limitless. And there was a lot suggestions out there on cake decorating! It was a whole new world to me. Still, I checked my spontaneous nature to purchase everything I thought I needed, and acquired some standard tools. It is these essentials which have actually ‘waited me’ in my quest for embellishing those vibrant productions my kids request for each year on their birthdays.

In addition to these concepts, I’ve included some useful suggestions for decorating your kid’s next birthday cake – a few of which were provided to me freely from others whilst a few goodies were borne from my own mistakes …

Cake Decorating Equipment:

You do not necessarily need intricate devices however you will require some basic materials. You can acquire the majority of the following materials at specialized baking stores or even your regional grocery store. They are indispensable for baking and embellishing any birthday cake your child may think up.

Rubber Spatulas:

It’s excellent to have a set of various sizes that are made from versatile rubber. They’re the very best tool for scraping frosting from the sides of bowls.

Metal Spatulas:

Have at least one large and one small angled spatula for spreading out and smoothing frosting. Avoid your cake crumbling by using a small metal spatula to gently ice the cake with a very thin layer of frosting before including the ‘real’ layer. This procedure is called ‘crumb finish’.

Piping Bags:

Multiple-use 8″, 12″ and 18″ bags with plastic finish on the inside for simple cleansing. Clear plastic non reusable zip-lock bags are fantastic for little tasks.

Coupling Nozzles:

These nozzles are necessary due to the fact that they permit you to alter your tips according to the design. They can also function as a large round composing pointer for piping figures.
Gel, Powder or Paste Food colouring:

These are more suitable to liquid food colouring due to the fact that they are more concentrated and will not thin down the icing.


1. Have all ingredients at space temperature.

2. Utilize an electric mixer when beating the cake mix. You have actually more possibility of getting rid of bumps in the pre-cooked cake mix.

3. Wire Cake Racks are essential for cooling and inverting cakes.

4. Cut baked cake so it sits flat. Use the smooth base as the top of the ended up cake and embellish with icing.

5. To stop crumbling, bake the cake the day before you require to decorate it and put it in the freezer.

6. Decorate while still cold.

7. Cake boards are rather cheap to get from cake decorating stores. Or you can cover a large piece of cardboard (cut from a box) with colored foil.

8. Butter Cream Icing is terrific for embellishing cakes. The only thing I have actually found with butter cream icing is that when you include coloring, a pastel color is the only color it will go to. This is because of the fat in the butter. If you desire a darker color, you have 3 choices: Usage plain icing sugar and water then add coloring; change the butter in the butter cream icing recipe with veggie shortening or; include black colored powder to your icing mixture – it will deepen the color.

9. Cut strips of waxed paper to slip below the edges of your un-frosted cake. When ended up, you can pull them away and you will not smear the cake board.